New Kickstarter for Italian Designed Playing Cards!

Hey El Moochadores! As you may already know (or maybe you don’t know), we’re into design around here, and often we’re introduced to new projects that incorporates cool graphic design work that we’re willing to share here. For example; check out this Kickstarter for a deck of cards, by Italian design student Alessio Lombardi, that uses a high quality production with a minimalist design to produce a striking deck of cards. Created along with Andrea Lombardi (wife, sister, cousin, mother… single!?)Image_One the cards represent the legendary four elements of wind, water, fire, and Earth. Wait, no Fifth Element!? Where’s the card with a minimalist Milla Jovovich and her crazy orange hair? heh. Anyways, According to the kickstarter; the cards (when funded) will be printed to high quality standards through Makeplayingcards.com, and will feature a “linen finish with air pockets for greater durability.” There are a lot of good rewards to encourage contributing, so go click the link above to learn more. Below I’ve posted a few sample images from the Kickstarter page along with the promo video, but more information about the cards can be found at elementalplayingcards.com (nice ASMR vibe off that site) or their Facebook page.


Image_Two Image_three Image_four

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