The Atomic Moocast #108!


Our Interview with Devin Kraft!

WE’RE BACK! Yeah, it’s been awhile, but that’s only because the unjust gods that rule our universe have been kicking me around like a hacky sack. But enough excuses! We got a Moocast, and you’ve got ears (we hope), so let’s make this happen!

On this episode we’re talking with indie comic maker Devin Kraft! Devin is the creator of a bunch of great comics, like Dragon Slayer, and I really got to apologize to Devin for getting this episode on so late. For this episode he joined the show to promote hisphoto-original Kickstarter for his new comic The Silence: Track One, which was fully funded! Way to go Devin! The Silence is a great looking story about a band of girls (rock band) that set out to find and save their fathers, who’ve been lost at sea. And they do it on a yellow submarine. Groovy.

So, here we go folks. It was hell to make, but now it’s here and ready for your eager ear holes! Go now, and get that salty snack and a cool beverage! Then find your way over to your favorite comfy spot, nestle in and hit play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


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Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

Show Notes and Links

The Silence Sample Images

d13a6493d6bc9867f6eb3aaf7e19f6f0_original 4448146b80febf7685571f84aaa2b6d8_original 4dfa91d8d0ed4d5ff5d3072d0ad8df04_original


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  1. Go ahead and post the rant. Misery loves company.

    Humidity: my glasses fog when I open the front door.

    McDonald’s worst case scenario: they fill your order.

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