An Atomic Moo Book Review!

So, you think you know the story of Robin Hood, huh? You think it happened just like that famous documentary from the ’90’s, right? Y’know, the one that showed us how authentic Englishman, Kevin Costner, returned from the crusades with Lucius Fox to join up with Mel Brooks to try and stop Hans Gruber from destroying the Ewok village! Yeah, that Robin Hood! Well y’know nutt’n! Because there’s a new book out that takes the tale of Robin Hood into a darker world full of black magic, brutality, and little blue people!

That’s right! Now out through Titan Books is a new novel from authors Debbie Viguié (I really did do that accent by myself) and James R. Tuck (TUCK!), that transforms Sherwood Forrest into a magical realm full of weird sorcery. Mark of the Black Arrow: Robin Hood: Demon’s Bane is the first of a series of thrilling novels that revamps the classic tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Here’s the official synopsis:

Sherwood Forest is a place of magic, and Prince John and his allies are demons bent upon ruling Britain. The solstice draws close, and Prince John and the Sheriff hold Maid Marian, whose blood sacrifice will lock the prince’s hold on the kingdom and the crown. Unless Marian can reach Robin with a magic artifact coveted by the enemy and entrusted to her by the Cardinal, the ritual will occur.

A lot of credit goes to Viguié and Tuck for crafting a more sinister version of Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Impressive and daunting villains are always the best part of any story for me, and this twist towards a more demonic version of the classic baddies was refreshing. So was the new takes on classics like Friar Tuck and Maid Marian. Unfortunately Little John has only a minor role in the book, but there’s hope that he’ll play a bigger part in future novels. Even new characters (well, new to me), like Robin’s mother and distantly related Locksley (Robin is a Longstride in this adaptation) added some interesting animosity between the characters. The only part of this novel I didn’t enjoy was the character of Robin himself. Total brat. The character came off as such an angry, spoiled, broody dick, that I was actually rooting for bad stuff to happen to him. I feel like the writers were shooting for a more contemporary hero for their Robin, like the CW’s Arrow, but like Arrow he came off as a sort of extremely two dimensional, semi-anti hero, that fails to do justice to the classic version. I might have mentioned in past Moo post that I hate (no… really hate) the CW’s Arrow. Total trash. Anyways, this book is only one of a series to come, so there’s plenty of room for Robin to grow into something a little less like a bad imitation of already terrible take on a great comic. How the f**k could they do that to Green Arrow!? Bastards! Anyways…

Mark of the Black Arrow (Robin Hood: Demon’s Bane) can be found in all major book stores, or you can get your copy online at!

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