Yeah, we only recognize a few “holidays” around here, and the best ones are the ones that exist for just one day – ever. So, happy Back to the Future Day, folks! This being the day shown on the Delorean dashboard as the future!maxresdefault Well, a future according to Back to the Future: Part II. There’s all sorts of cool stuff on the web about what the movie got right or wrong, but mostly I hope everyone just remembers what a fun movie it was. A fun movie that might be playing today only at a theater near you. Check your local listings. Anyways, I’ve posted a few videos below and now I’m going to spend the rest of my day wishing I had a pink Mattel hover board and a retro 80’s diner to hang out in. Why don’t we actually have at least one of those!?


11 Things Back to the Future Part II Gave Us Before 2015 – Fan-Angry Movies

From a year ago, check out what BFP II got right!

Back to the Future II 2 : Hoverboard Scene

Yeah, this scene!

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