New Kickstarter for a Epic New Science Fiction Comic!

Hello El Moochadores! I want to point you all in the direction of new comic book looking for funding through Kickstarter. This project is for issue #1 of The Apex Effect, a prologue story to another comic series called Chaos Theory. Its some pretty deep science fiction right out of the year 4262 (wait, isn’t that when the apes are supposed to take over? heh.) Anyways, here’s the synopsis from the kickstarter page:photo-original (1)

The story is set in a fictional world, a couple of months after the 3rd temporal war. This war was fought through time with the objective of eradicating the human race. After three years of conflict, the war resulted in several temporal distortions across space time called time worms. After the war millions of human temporal agents were sent across time to recover the remnants and fragments from the war, and to initiate something called the ascension program.

They had me at 3rd temporal war… The entire series was written by Joseph Falade and when finished will feature cover art by Fionn Lee (aka: Scarsaw on the Deviant Art) and many other contributing artist. I’ve posted some of the sample covers and concept art below, but for more information on the comic, and overall project, hit the kickstarter link above.

a271105650351ecdbfebbcdb433a09d3_original unnamed 226275d6ddd0d945de403b484e3a11a8_original

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