An Atomic Moo Book Review of Victor Gischler’s New Novel

I’m having a tough time writing this review, and where normally I would write a draft or two before posting, I think I’m just going to go off the top of my head with this one. The thing is… this was a really weird one.

Gestapo Mars is a balanced blend of pulp noir, science fiction, with a healthy dose of pardoy… and Nazis. Yeah, figuratively (or is it literal in this context?) the worst group of dudes ever! They’re your cast of characters in this sex, and action, packed adventure from Victor Gischler and Titan Books. In fact, the protagnist is a Nazi spy. A really good one too. I can’t believe I just said that.

In Gestapo Mars, agent Carter Sloan is pulled out of a 258 year long cryogenic sleep for a mission to assassinate the Reich’s most wanted enemy: the Daughter of the Brass Dragon! So, like any good agent, Sloan starts off by having sex with every beautiful woman (or droid) that crosses his path, and doing as much damage to any one unfortunate enough to get in his way. From there the whole book is a non stop (and fast) romp of action, sex, and funny parody, set in a galaxy that is completely mis-managed by its goose stepping government. Oh, and it’s also about to be invaded by hostile blobs of green snot. I almost forgot about those guys.

It’s not that Nazis can’t be made funny. Hell, look at the great work done by Mel Brooks or the Three Stooges. They made some funny nazis. However, it always seemed to me like they were either trying to protest, or at least take the piss out of, a really bad group of guys, but in Gestapo Mars that line of “good guy”, “bad guy”, and “fucking nazi” seemed a little blurred. I totally got that this was supposed to be a peice of science fictio pulp-parody, and for the most part it was a really fun read with laugh out loud humor, but I also kept coming back to the fact that almost every character is a nazi and they’re doing a terrible job of running the galaxy! Which, yeah was kind of funny, but they’re stil nazis!

I don’t know. Maybe this is a brilliant book and I’m just a few points too short on the IQ score to fully appreciate it. I kind of imagine groups of coffee chugging hipsters and design majors blogging about what a brilliant read this was, where as I was left thinking, “what the fuck was that?” Part of me feels like I should love this book. The humor was brilliant, and since the moment of his revival, Sloan’s life was a crashing avalanche of one disaster rolling into the next. But on the other side; they’re all Nazis! Yeah, ‘beating a dead horse and all that, but I kind of feel that should be important. Anyways, I am kind of hoping there will be more Carter Sloan novels, and in each one he’ll awake to a future that is being run by a different awful government (ie: Stalinism, theocracies, or another Bush administration), but we’ll just have to wait for Gischler’s next novel

Check out the official synopsis below. Gestapo Mars is now available in all major book store or online at

Carter Sloan is a trained asssassin – The best there is, pulled out of cryogenic sleep whenever an assignement demands his skills. So when he’s woken up, only to discover that he’s been in deep freeze for 258 years, he’s seriously pissed off.

Yet his government needs him to hunt down the enemy known as the Daughter of the Brass Dragon. The future of the galaxy-spanning Reich depends on it, so Sloan is off — screwing, swearing, and shooting his way across interstellar space.

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