LARP’s Returns!


Check Out Season 2 on Geek & Sundry!

Hey El Moochadores, the award winning web series LARP’s is back with a second season and this time you can watch it all on the Geek & Sundry Youtube channel. The new series kicks off withlarps Jonathan Silver, Charlotte Rogers, Scott Humphrey, Elizabeth Neale, and Jon Verrall reprising their roles as live action role players who continue to let their imaginary life effect their real world. Also joining the cast is new larper Amber Goldfarb as Kat and Mark Comacho (X-Men: Days of Future Past). This series is a lot of fun and it’s great to see it in full swing again. They’re already up to episode four on the youtube, with six more episodes to come and a double length season finale. Check out the season 2 prologue below along with episode one. You can also listen to our interview with LARPers Scott Humphrey, Elizabeth Neale, and Jon Verrall on the Atomic Moocast #76! Good people. Y’know, for Canadians…


LARPs Returns! Season 2 Prologue

En Garde: LARPS Season 2, Episode 1

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  1. I have been watching. I like the new character, a female cleric with a maul. I dislike the longer run-time; they were perfect at five-to-seven minutes long. I’m not sure how I feel about the new story. The bard character has lots of comic potential, though.

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