skeletor evil lyn

Awesome Custom Costumes from Jaze Cosplay Studios!

Good evening El Moochadores. I’m sick. Literally, not figuratively (though probably that too). Anyways; Today, while slowly dying from fever and chills, I was also going through my “con pile” in search of cool things to share on this – your favorite bovine based – blog (heh. Cut me some slack, I’ve had a lot of NyQuil and other “self medications” today). Anywhat, I came across this really cool cosplay work by husband and wife teamcoscard profile pic Aime and Lance Jaze. The couple are professional performers and they make custom costumes for production studios and individuals. I really dug their work on the She-Ra and Skeletor (and Evil-Lyn) cosplay that can be found on the home page of their site. Check out a few sample images below, but also go click the link above to see more images at their website.

Anyways, I’m going back to bed now and wait for the end. Wow. I think I can even see some of my dead ancestors. Crap. How long have they been standing there watching me? Weird.


Skeletor 6 Skeletor 4 She-ra 1 10906178_531623133607530_813846673016132628_n

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