Fantastic BB-8 Art from Sarah Wilkinson!

Okay El Moochadores, the plague has passed, and Chudd and I are both on the mend. Now that my fever has broke, and my body temperature is back to a normal 72 degrees (…wait, that can’t be right. Damn thermometer must be broke), I can start posting regular articles again. First up is a very cool piece of Star Wars’s BB-8 art by professional illustrator Sarah Wilkinson. That little ball of droid never looked better. Anyways, you can find this piece, and more like it, on Sarah’s Facebook or go and check out her vast (VAST) portfolio available at her website. Just for fun I posted a few other examples of her work below (all Star Wars, because… Star Wars), but she has way more! Hit the link above to check her out. I mean, check her work out. Maybe the thermometer is working. huh.


10386267_652758878143658_5217726198694872730_n 12038499_895708537182023_3329533781750763987_n 12072709_899375266815350_1592840689763884044_n

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