Amazing Fan Film from Ivan Kander!

Okay, I think this is a fair arrangement. Make this movie and I’ll buy a ticket. Just the ticket though. I’m not paying six bucks for a tub of popcorn. Okay, I’ll get the popcorn, but no Twizzlers! I’m won’t fork out $4.50 for for a box of red licorice.

Anyways, check out this frigg’n great Spider-Man fan film by Lucky 9 Studios and director Ivan Kander. The nine minute short stars Demetrius StephensMiles as Miles Morales and how he becomes a hero shortly after the death of Peter Parker Spider-Man. This short features some great acting, action, and what I think is a fake Australian accent, but since I don’t know many Australians, I can’t be sure. Hollywood should very seriously take a look at this short and consider a Miles Morales Spider-Man the next time a reboot is rolling around. Maybe even get Mr. Stephens to take up the roll again. Check out the short below while I go find a box a Twizzlers. I got a hankering for some red licorice now. Maybe bite the ends off and use it as a straw in my drink…


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