Proactive Insurance: The Pros – Issue 2


Last chance to help the Kickstarter

Okay El Moochadores, I wanted to post about this on the upcoming Moocast (#111), and it’s almost done! Unfortunately it’s not going to be done before the Kickstarter runs out on The Pros issue #2: Caitlyn on the Inside.9c664b32b67e1fc558cc0d5507b0b231_original So, until I get the episode done (and its a great one! And it is, in fact, almost done!) check out the kickstarter video below and hit the link above to help support this indie comic about super-spy insurance agents that “infiltrate a gun-worshiping cult named America.” The comic series was created by Steve Stormoen and illustrated by Jelena Djordjevic. You can currently find an eight page preview of issue #1 here. Now, I’m off to finish a podcast! Moocast!!!


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  1. New moocast, you say?

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