Star Wars

All Three Films Made Better with the Magic of Editing!

Okay El Moochadores: Star Wars time! Check out the Star Wars: Anti-Cheese Edits from youtuber JermeyMWest-Esquire. Now, I’m not sure we can really call “muligan” on the Star Wars Prequels, but it is interesting to see what one fan did with the films with just a little editing and dubbing. According to the youtube page:

98 percent less Jar Jar. 89 percent less cheese. 100 percent more awesomer.

“Awesomer?” Well, yeah. These films are remarkably better (not great, just better) with less Jar Jar and goofy CGI antics. Check out all three films below.


Phantom Menace – Anti-Cheese Edit

Attack of the Clones – Anti Cheese Edit

Revenge Of The Sith Anti-Cheese Edit

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