Comparison 2

Cool Video from Meta Ball Studios!

Okay, it’s been days since my last post, and I feel like crap right now. Not that the two are related. Yeah. Sure, I feel bad about not writing, but I mostly feel bad about my crappy life that’s keeping me from doing the stuff I really love. Stupid life-stuff. Anyways, the last few days have been a series of disasters, and I’m spent. So, it’s time to do something I love doing most: being a huge nerd. Thank the maker for the internet, and its wealth of great stuff like this video showing a size comparison between different star ships. Seriously! Feeling bad, go look at space ships. It works. This video comes to us by way of MetaBallStudios on the Youtube. Excellent work, but my only gripe(s) is they listed the Imperial Class Star Destroyer at 900 meters. According to Wookiepedia the ICS is actually 1600 meters in length. This is important! Get it right! Also, no Red Dwarf. Where was the Dwarf? Anyways, I’m off to my next favorite thing that makes me happy – free internet porn. an age old reliable cure for what ales you.


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