Darth Talon Cosplay!


The Sexy-Wonderful Costume Work of Jannet in Cosplay!

Yesterday I came across this really amazing Darth Talon cosplay on another website, which I would totally credit for the find… but I forgot who they were. d’oh. Sorry. Anyways, thanks to (some other geek site) for finding this image of Jannet in Cosplay looking sexy, and dangerous, as the Star Wars EU’s Darth Talon.Talon_assault Talon was one of the best things to come out of the EU and Jannet did a wonderful job on the costume. Check out other samples of Jannet’s work below, which includes two of my all time geeky crushes: Wilma Flintstone and Janine Melnitz from the Ghostbusters. Thankyouthankyouthankyou Jannet! You can see much more of Jannet’s work at her website where you can also purchase prints and photo books of her work. Now, I’m off to write a sincere marriage proposal to Jannet (I’ll make her a bloggers wife. We’ll live the best life her money can afford…) and finish my review of Star Wars VII (psst… not good).


Witchblade Willma2 Janine

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  1. Can we get a movie of nothing but that, please? I’ll pay 1.5 billion dollars.

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