New Indie Comic Kickstarter

Did he lift a bust of himself to open the secret door? Anyways, right now on Kickstarter is a unique new take on both classic literature and 1960’s camp television – all in comic book form. Awesome. Created by Marvel Heroes 2016 senior dialogue writer, Eric Gladstone, No Holds Bard is English literature’s greatest author, William Shakespear, fighting crime like 1960’s Batman. Here’s the synopsis:

While writing yet another one of his masterpieces, Shakespeare receives a call from his trusty page, Page, with most disturbing news—The Queen has been stolen! From there,NoHoldsBard the Dramatic Duo of The Bard and Page set off in a series of rollicking misadventures that lead to the highest echelons of Renaissance power. He’ll cross paths with weirdos of all shapes and sizes. You might even recognize a few of them from someone’s most famous plays (but then, I don’t want to spoil all the fun).

Who is the shadowy figure responsible for the Queen’s disappearance? Will Will ever get rid of his pesky writer’s block? Why can nobody tell The Bard is Shakespeare? I mean clearly…

Find out the answers to these questions and to more you didn’t even know you had when you read No Holds Bard SOON!

Written as a 5-part act, the comic will feature (if funded) the talented work of Erica Henderson, Logan Faerber, Cara McGee, James Callahan, and Aaron Conley. The comic will aslo have a cover by Dave Kloc and pin-ups from Sina Grace, Bobby Rubio and Ashlyn Anstee. Keen.

I’ve posted the promotional video below, along with a sample page, but check out the Kickstarter page for more information about rewards (for five bucks do I get an insincere thanks with the digital comci?) and to also find out what an “iambic pentameter” is. Scroll down. They explain.



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