Via Make Magazine: This isn’t so much of an original post as it is a shout out to go look at another web page. Anywhat, Maker Shawn Thorsson recently set out to make a Captain Phasma chrome helmet and you can see the process documented on his website. According to the website, and Make article, Thorsson began working on the helmet before he had actually even seen the movie, and with only sparse information and photo references. Frigg’n wild. Although I really did not like the new movie, I do think this make is incredible and Thorsson did an excellent job.

Check out a few sample images below and hit the link above to see (and learn) much more about the process of making a stormtrooper helmet. Even if it was one from a really bad movie. Sorry. Dammit, I just can’t help it.


22297073919_8d9dce8397_c 21722403181_7d5bf4f89c_c 21721731652_7403e4e148_c 21419903472_f7d9fa0b9f_c 20969845513_f4e8376c2e_c 20808143514_5072364ef8_c

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