Trog’s Daily Sketch 12-22-2015



Day Three!!! I guess one of the hardest parts of doing this daily sketch thing is actually showing the sketches that I do. Even the ones I’m not very proud of. Last night I tried doing a Vampirella sketch, but it did not turn out great. I wanted to go for a very cartoon look, but I kept “messing” with the sketchg9MojxX and by the end it wasn’t either cartoony or realistic. Just kind of bad. For some reason (and I’ve notice I do this on a lot of my sketchs) I tend to float the left side of a face higher than the right. ‘gotta work on that. I also didn’t really pull away from the reference image enough (at all). If I’m still doing this daily sketch thing by this time next year, this is definitely one of those images I’m going to try and re-draw again. The one thing I did get out of this was that I only used a 3b pencil for the entire sketch, which was kind of fun to play with.

This sketch is based on a photo from cosplayer/model Joanie Brosas, who is super hot and apparently allergic to clothing. Keen. Here’s to hoping she’s also single and digs nerdy, wannabe, artists. It could happen! Anyways, you can checkout more of her sexy cosplay at the facebook (the link above) or at her website.

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  1. Your version is much more modest than the model herself!

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