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Okay El Moochadores, over the holidays I managed to keep up on my daily sketch. Well, sort of. The Bugs Bunny sketch I did on Christmas eve was actually more of a “warm up,” and I never really got around to doing an actual sketch. Also, it’s not very original. I basically free hand copied an illustration from Draw the Looney Tunes, page 146. But I think I’m getting braver with my Looney Tunes drawings and pretty soon I’ll be putting up my own stuff.

The second illustration, Dark Phoenix, started out as a doodle and I just sort of worked it up. I’m also really surprised at how it turned out, because I was more than a little drunk at the time.book_how_to_draw_cartoon_coming_soon_by_celaoxxx-d5rluyq I did it right after a Christmas party. I know it’s really out of proportion (I think the heads too big, as well as all the facial features are way out of scale), but I was kind of smashed, so… way to go me! I did base this on a model reference, but I can’t find the image to credit the original model. I did kind of base the illustration on a cartoon style I’ve been studying. There’s an artist on Deviant art, Celaoxxx (aka: Marcelo Trom), who has an incredible cartoon style and several pages of how to draw cartoon on his deviant page. I’d love to be able to cartoon this good someday, so I’m going through each “how to page” and learning what ever I can from it.

Okay, that’s enough babbling from me, for now. I’ve got a new sketch to get to. Also, I might start saving up my sketches and just posting them once a week. Maybe title it Trog’s daily sketchs of the week, or something like that. I can keep up with the drawing well enough, it’s just getting access to a scanner is kind of hard right now. I think Saturday sounds like a good day for this. Groovy. I’ll be back next Saturday with seven new drawings!


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  1. Bugs is nothing special (though you got the ears nicely), but the cartoon seductress is really good! “Daily sketch of the week?” Sounds like a joke. How about “Weekly Journal,” which means the same thing?

    • Mister Trog

      12/27/2015 at 9:29 am

      “Weekly journal of the daily sketch?” Or, how about “sketch journal weekly”? Journal Week Skecth… I’m just throwing the words together in any combo now.

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