Amazing New Art from Dan LuVisi

Good morning El Moochadores! Okay, so I’m trying to stay away from Star Wars stuff. Well, at least the new stuff. I just keep getting angry and I don’t like that. However, a good piece of Boba Fett art can’t be ignored! So, I’m trying to forget the terrible new film and just focus on cool art based on the movies that I enjoyed most.

So Check out, The Bounty Hunter, from Dan LuVisi. According to LuVici’s Deviant art page this piece might be the start of series of fun Boba Fett stories, accompanied with art. Keen, and I can’t wait to see them. They gotta be better than that awful episode se- no! I’m not going there. Dammit, letting go is tough. Anyways, check out more of LuVici’s art below, but hit the links above to check out his blog and Deviant Art portfolio.


elmo___the_muppet_bounty_hunter_by_danluvisiart-d8a12f2 boba_fett___no_disintegrations_by_adonihs-d2yz3ss hit_girl___by_adonihs

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