Okay El Moochadores, here’s a shout out to BLB Media and their soon to be released, final installment to the Dark Hours series. Soon, Issue #3 will be available for sale and, yeah, it’s awesome. The Dark Hours is a thee issue series produced by Brain Barsuglia and Kyle Roberts. The story is a western meets horror where in an isolated, small town in the American old west is set upon by a “primeval supernatural terror.” Groovy. Issues one and two can be purchased on Comixology and Drive Thru Comics. You can also here our interview with Kyle Roberts on Atomic Moocast #75. I’ve posted a few sample images from issue #3 below, but check out the Dark Hours website for more release information, or follow them on the Facebook.


DarkHoursSampPage1 DarkHoursSampPage2 DarkHoursSampPage3

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