Daily Sketches from 01-03-2016 to 01-10-2016

Okay, So far I’ve been keeping up with the daily sketch, but getting access to one and only scanner has been kind of tough this week. Jas has been doing a lot of freelance work and my own work schedule has been kind of tough to get around. So, Here’s a small sample of some of the drawings got done this week. I’ve been putting extra time in at work, so most of these are “lap” drawings (quick drawings or sketches that I did from the cab of my car), but at least I’m drawing something every day. Mostly I stuck to Looney Tunes stuff, but I also did a bunch of figure drawing studies this week.Daily_01-04-2016 Also, because I had to draw while at work, the references for the images I did can be found by doing a simple Google search. Hopefully things will calm down soon and I’ll be able to do more in depth drawing. Also, also; I know there are only 3 drawings here, but I’ve gotta run and I don’t have time to scan in every sketch. I tired using my smart phone to take a few images, but they didn’t turn out so great. For the figure drawing references I used Croquis Cafe from the Youtube. Croquis Cafe is an incredible resource and provides a great variety of male and female models. The illustration above was from a five minute pose session on episode #181. Anyways, more drawings next week and I’m still shooting for Saturdays. I’m also saving up for my own scanner and tablet too.


Daily_01-06-2016 Daily_01-05-2016

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