Thranduil Cosplay


Incredible Cosplay and First Blog Post from my iPhone!

Okay El Moochadores, Although I think this is really awesome cosplay work by TheIdeaFix on the deviant art, I’m mostly posting about this because I just got a new smart phone, and I want to learn how to blog post from my phone. So far: kind of awful. But I’m learning! So while I figure this out, check this frigg’n amazing costume work. I think his real name is Serg, and he’s a model from Russia… I think. Kind of hard to keep track of stuff. Anyways, check out a few sample images below, and I’ll fix any mistakes from my PC when I get home.



Okay – I’m at my PC, so here’s the stuff I left out…

The Cosplay work was done by Sergey Roman Reyns Slavyaninov who is a Russian model/cosplayer/ and I think in a band. He also makes a really good Loki as well as an eerily good Thranduil. Check out more of his work at Deviant Art. I’m still learning how to blog from my phone, but hopefully I’ll get up to speed soon and we can start posting way more! Groovy.

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  1. That’s good, good. Now get the posts down to 140 characters and you’ve really got something!

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