An Atomic Moo Art Book Review

Okay El Moochadores, Titan Books has recently released a comprehensive new volume covering the talented art work for the new RPG adventure game, Fable Legends. As many of you gamers already know, Fable Legends is the latest adventure multi-player from Lionhead Studios that takes players to the world of Albion and let’s them kick ass with all sorts of might, magic, and mayhem. The new volume provides scores (scores?!) of brilliant character designs, original concepts, and world building art work. The new volume features a forward by art director Kevin Tuite and an in depth introduction by David Eckelberry

Like most “art of” books, I enjoyed this one for the wealth of information and beautiful designs, but thanks to my Steam account, I was able to play one of the previous versions of Fable (I think it was Fable Anniversary), and got to know the future version of Albion. I liked it. I can’t speak for Legends, but I really enjoyed the version I played, and by scoping out the brilliant art work, and thought, represented in the Art of Fable Legends I now really want to play that. Here’s the best part, for Windows 10 (which I don’t have) it’s free to play. Free! So, yeah, when I get an Xbox or I trust MS enough to download # 10 (not likely. Last time I got a blue screen of death and lost a lot of data. Seriously? WTF MS?), but… I totally want to play this game now! The Art Of book features a complete guide to the character creation to the vast amount of world building that took place in a time prior to all the other Fable games, and it looks awesome!

I’ve posted a few sample images below (sorry for the weird images, but my scanner sucks so I had to use my smart phone…) along with the official synopsis, but this is just the tip of the ice berg. Go check out a copy of The Art of Fable Legends and your local book shop or get a copy online at titanbooks.com.


Albion unveiled! Set off on a behind-the-scenes journey that delves deep into the design of the much anticipated Fable Legends. Featuring pages of high-quality concept art from Lionhead Studios, showcasing sketches, evolutions, renders, and more for each of the heroes, villains, creatures, and locations found throughout the game. Accompanied by exclusive developer interviews, this book is a must for any wandering hero – or malevolent villain…

Eight Five Four One

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