Oola Cosplay!


Sexy Excellent Cosplay Work by Ninja Kitty!

Via Geek X Girls; I don’t know what it is about a sexy, green, scantly-clad, slave girl with snakes on her head that’s so damn alluring, but (dammit) I’m in. Check out this sexy-excellent (sexullent?) Oola cosplay by Ninja Kitty Cosplay. Photos for this cosplay were taken by Scarlett Vixen Cosplay. Check out a few sample images below, but hit them links to see way more! On a side not; ladies, if you are green and scantly clad (don’t necessarily have to be a slave girl…) we should meet. Maybe.


oola-star-wars-cosplay-02 oola-star-wars-cosplay-03 oola-star-wars-cosplay-04

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  1. OK, the tentacles are false, but what about the bottom?

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