Frigg’n Amazing Comic Book Body Paint!


The Talented “Cospaint” of Kay Pike!

While we’re already in favor of hot women getting naked and slathering themselves in paint, it’s also really cool when they can make themselves look like actual comic book pages! Check out the really stunning work of artist Kay Pike as she transformers herself into popular Marvel and DC comic book characters! sequence_02_by_kaypikefashion-d9rrockAccording to her Deviant Art page, Pike is also a talented costume and prop maker. She’s a self described “varied” artist who has also just added balloon animals to her repertoire. Balloon Animals! Groovy.

Below I’ve posted a time lapse of her Lady Deadpool make-up process. Its an incredibly cool to watch as she self applies the make up to eventually become a comic book page. Check out more of Pike’s work at the links above, but also follow her on Facebook.

I wonder if we could get he to do a The Tick body paint?

12733614_977186222318542_6443183983713668329_n Kay-Pike-2 Kay-Pike-3

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  1. That’s pretty impressive. Can we get a low budget action movie of these characters shot on painted Styrofoam sets? Might be amazing.

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