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Fantastic Sketch Art of Aaron Alexovich!

Hey El Moochadores! For awhile now, artist Aaron Alexovich has been posting these great sketches to his Facebook page called Sera Draws. Almost all the drawings posted are of shows and movies I love, but above all the others (in my opinion) are the IT Crowd sketches. I frigg’n love that show, and if you’ve never seen it before then go check it out while it is still streaming on Netflix! Dammit, why can’t they bring this show back!? I don’t care that the actors have moved on to other stuff, we need more IT Crowd… and Spaced! Maybe even a crossover… I need a nap! Where was I?

Anyways, Alexovich is also the creator of a very cool comic series, Serenity Rose. I’ve just gotten into it, but so far good stuff. I’ve posted a few more of his sketches below, but hit the link above to see way more! Hey, maybe we can get him to do a Douglas Reynholm next? Matt Berry is awesome!


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