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Hello El Moochadores! Remember way back on the Atomic Moocast #103 when we had the talented Sarah Bitely on our show? Of course you do! Why wouldn’t you? that episode was awesome. Well, 5eba3c99a9ef39731f22b6b75ecba5bcSarah was back to record a new Moocast interview (the upcoming episode #114… I’m working on it!) in part to tell us about her new Pimpkillah film project! Yup, right now she’s looking for all the help we (you) can give her through her new IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to make this happen. I’ve posted the promotional video below, but hit all the links above for more information about the campaign. Also, Sarah’s going to be at Wondercon 2016, so if you’re lucky enough to attend, swing by her booth (D-24) and get a copy of the comic book!


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