Okay El Moochadores, what with it being St Patricks Day I thought it would be fun to post about something small, green, and furry. No, not Leprechaun. I could give a shit less about greedy Irish magic-dwarves. I’m talking about Ch’p here! Hero of the Green Lantern Corps. Well, he was a hero to me. When I was kid I loved reading the Green Lantern Corps comics and Ch’p was always among my favorite characters. So, I scoured Deviant Art for the best Ch’p art (there’s like one page. WTF artists? There’s hundreds of pages of art for that shitty new Star Wars film and like on page for Ch’p!? For shame…) and re-posted it here. In order of appearance: Up top is 143 Ch’p by Deviant Art contributor ColourOnly85. Below left is Commision – ch’p by Deviant Art contributor Silverelve. Center-left is CH’P by Deviant Art contributor Neurowing. Center-right is Ch’p by DA contributor AdamWithers. Finally on the right side is… not Ch’p. That’s G’nort also by AdamWithers, but c’mon!? Who doesn’t love G’nort!?

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

commision___ch_p_by_silvereelve-d282f5n ch__p_by_neurowing ch__p_by_adamwithers g__nort_by_adamwithers

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