New Kickstarter for Fun and Educational Comics!

Okay El Moochadores, while drinking a tasty White Russian and browsing the vast (VAST) internet for something to post about, I came across an interesting Kickstarter project for a series of educational short comics.eabfb3e3124e7ea5a4c66b4061df7548_original Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Trog! You’re really handsome and comics are already educational,” and I agree. Comics have already taught me a bunch. Like radiation from our yellow sun can make an ordinary Kryptonian a virtual god, or how gravity has no effect on Vampirella! And I’m pretty sure she can’t fly (can she?)! Anyways, the point is, there’s a new kickstarter for a series of short comics that seek to make comic books fun and educational!

Created by Rossie Stone, Dekko Comics are “short comic stories that communicate information through their narrative, dialogue and characters – ideal for education and revision.” The project is seeking funding to create 24 comics in 2016. The comics will incorporate a mumber… number (okay, I’ll lay off the W.R.’s for a bit) of different artist and styles to effectively teach readers. Sample art from the comics can be found on the Dekko Comics Website. I’ve also posted the Kickstarter promotional video below. Check it out and hit the link above to learn more about the comic, goals, and possible rewards for contributing.


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