Very Cool Doll from

Okay El Moochadores, we got back from WonderCon 2016, so I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks posting about some of the cool/independent art, and comics, we stumbled pass. One that really stood out (heh!) was this really cool plush doll,cbwhatis_thecockblock from San Francisco based artist Stitchmind, called the Cockblock! Okay, I think the joke is pretty obvious, but it’s still awesome! Rooster + Block = Cockblock. The average Cockblock (heh!) is a hand made 5x5x5 inch fleece stuffed doll that sells for about $25.00. Though variations of the doll can be found on the shop, including a Big Fat Cockblock (heh!) for about $46.00.

I’ve posted a video from the Clockblock website below, but hit the links above to learn more about the doll and see more of Stitchminds artwork!


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