So, I’m sitting here going through the stuff we brought home from WonderCon, and sometimes it’s hard to remember who’s who from the various business and promotional cards we just vacuum up as we pass tables. Sometimes, I don’t even think I’m looking. I’m just passing tables, snapping up anything I see in my peripheralsQMX_Battlestar that might have a “free” tag next to it.

Anyways, This year, As we wandered around the exhibit hall, we came across a fairly large set up by QMX. Acutally, its a smallish “x” at the end… eh. At the QMx (better?) exhibit, they had a bunch of cool figures on display, but also they had this great poster of a Viper from Battlestar Galactica! Which I was totally going to post about until, I went to the their website, and saw their Ghostbusters poster set!

Okay, all the posters look great, and although I like Battlestar, I frigg’n love Ghostbusters and these prints are awesome. The Posters sell as a set for about $35.00, and each one is 18″x24″ printed on 100-lb, satin-finish paper. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the artist is for these posters (granted I didn’t dig too deep) but it would be cool if QMx credit their artist or team on the page with the prints. I posted a few screen captured samples below, but hit the QMx link above to see a zoomed picture of all these posters and more information.

Good stuff.

QMX_Ghostbusters_4 QMX_Ghostbusters_3 QMX_Ghostbusters_2

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