Okay El Moochadores, I’m continuing to post about the different art, comics, and artists, we came across at this years WonderCon 2016. Now, I don’t actually remember seeing these posters at the con (doesn’t mean they weren’t there, just that there was a lot to see…), but at some point we must have past Jonito’s booth, and picked up a card. Which is awesome that many of these vendors provide cards and references to their online portfolios, otherwise I wouldn’t have come across these rad (yeah, rad) screen printed Alien posters! According to Jonito’s (aka: Jon Sanchez of Albuquerque, New Mexico) online store: These are signed limited editions of 4 color, screen printed posters measuring 17 x 23 inches. Each poster retails for about $30.00 online, not including shipping. I also came across a sped up Youtube video of Jonito rendering one of the posters. Cool stuff. Check out the posters and the video below, but hit the link above to see way more cool art!



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