An Atomic Moo Comic Book Review

One of things I enjoy most about attending a large comic book convention, like WonderCon, is the chance to pick up new comics and graphic novels. Sometimes at a discounted price to boot! Well, this year we swung by the Image Comics booth and I picked up three interesting titles (Nowhere Men, East of West, and Black Science), which I plan to review as part of our ongoing, post-WonderCon 2016 coverage.

I don’t think any of these are recent publications. That is to say, I think these comics have been around at least a few years, and all are currently available in book stores, but this is my first time reading them, and honestly I thought all three titles were excellent reads. So, this may not be so much a review, as a: “holy shit! I really liked this! Go check it out” – type of post.

First up is East of West Vol. One (2015) by Jonathan Hickman (writer), and Nick Dragotta (artist), with Frank Martin and Rus Wooton doing the colors and letters.15842658._SX540_ East of West in an alternate world story where another future reality, and biblical mythology, cross paths in a brutally violent way. It begins with the three of the four horsemen of the apocalypse awakening to discover their brother, Death, has abandoned them for a life on a future Earth (Sometime around 2040, I think) where America is divided into seven different nations, and still very much like the wild west. However, Death’s life on this Earth goes to shit when a group of world leaders got together and killed Death’s wife, then stole his child. Now, the three horsemen are killing their way across the country to find Death, who has also set out on a killing spree against the people who did him wrong. Lot of killing in this graphic novel.

Okay, that probably wasn’t the best synopsis of this first volume, but that’s why I’m encouraging you to go read it. I really enjoyed East of West, and although I’m not very found of storiesYou-wanted-endtimes that assume an alternate society will stay static in one period of history (like this one does with a predominantly western style), the brutal world presented here works great with the merciless characters, like Death, who storm through entire armies to get at the guys who need murdering! Not that I’m all that into violence, but artist Nick Dragotta did a great job illustrating this story, which also has quite a few great surprises. In fact the whole story was kind of surprisingly good. When I first started reading it, I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it. What with the bible tie in, the murdering children, and that weird horse thing Death rides, but somehow Hickman made it all work, and I can’t wait to pick up Vol. 2 – at the next con…

Check out a few sample images below. My scanner is pretty much dead, so I had to pull these images from the web. For more information about East of West visit Image Comics online.


15842659._SX540_ rev131703spl east-of-west-image2

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