Good evening El Moochadores! Yeah, I’m posting late, but it was kind of a crappy day and I want to do something that cheers me up. So, let’s talk about comics! Or… I’ll talk about comics and you can read about it. Sounds cool. Anyways…

One of the best parts of any comic book convention is artist alley and a chance to see dozens of interesting ideas for new indie comics. One such comic we came across at this last WonderCon was Hounds Tooth by Kristen Brown and Sam Rusk.CoverImage We even managed to get a short interview with Rusk for the upcoming Moocast (which is almost done, I promise! Just a few more edits…). Their comic is about a couple of humans in a world of smart animals. Here’s the synopsis:

Houndstooth follows the adventures of Bandit, an orphaned boy who exists in an animal’s world, along with his fellow human and best friend, Pan. The only adventure Bandit has ever wanted to have, are the ones printed inside his favorite books. But, fate brought an unwanted adventure to his feet when Pan is kidnapped! Her only hope of rescue is Bandit and a couple of unlikey tag-alongs.

Groovy! Okay, we’re doing our own comic about a super cow that breathes fire, and I’ve got my (soon to be released) comic strip about cartoon mice, so maybe we’re a little biased towards stories with critters in it. I’ve posted a couple of sample pages from their Comixology page below, but also check out their Etsy page to get a physical comic. For more information hit the Comixology link above or visit Hounds tooth on Patreon, Tumbler, or Twitter.


Page_One Page_Two Page_3

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