An Atomic Moo Comic Book Review

Hello again, El Moochadores! We’re finally back from Cherry City Comic Con and though we’re a little wore down from the trip (turns out Salem’s a hell of a drive from San Diego), we’re ready to get right back to work on exploring the geek creative. So, look forward to regular post again and a soon to be ready Moocast! Right now though, I want you all to take a look at a book I’ve been wanting to review since I picked it up at WonderCon, last March.

Normally I wouldn’t go out of my way to read a comic about middle school girls and their social dramas. Nothing against middle shoolers (well, kids are kind of awful), ‘just not my thing. However; this comic is also about brownies and sabotage. So, yeah. I dig it.NutmegFI Written by James F. Wright, and illustrated by Jackie Crofts, Nutmeg introduces us to young Cassia Caraway who has just arrived to a new school where she meets resident mean girl, Saffron Longfellow. Of course there is tension, and sooner than not little Cassia is seeking anyway possible to destroy the schools alpha girl. This opportunity presents himself when Saffron’s “Lady Rangers” begin their annual sale of Sugar and Spice brownies. Cassia, along with new best friend Poppy Pepper set out to O.D.2644121 every box of brownies with a sickening amount of Nutmeg.

There’s a lot of charm to this comic book. It’s a little bit different spin on the “Mean Girls” stories paired with Crofts’ very cool art style. Nutmeg has a log of imagination brilliantly brought to life through some creative cartooning. Though issue one does a great job of establishing characters, readers are going to want to pick up the first few issues to really get into the fun of the comic. Cassia and Pepper don’t really start getting into trouble until later issues, but there’s room for lots of fun. Action Labs picked up the series a couple of years ago and I think they’ve got about 15 issues out. Check out a few sample pages below I pulled from the web, also check out a short interview with James Wright on the last Moocast (#115).


nutmeg1_page5 nutmeg1_page4 nutmeg1_page3 nutmeg1_page2

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