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The Collect Art Nouveau Illustrations of Echo Chernik

So, recently Jason and I tabled at our first comic book convention in Salem, Oregon. Yeah, as much as we like blogging and making comic books about fire breathing super cows, we also produce a bunch of art work. Most of the stuff we make is vector based and we use Adobe Illustrator. Up until Cherry City Comic Con, I thought we were doing really well. Like, maybe not vector Kung-fu masters, but totally on our way to a pair of metaphorical Adobe black belts. Then we went to that con and saw the work of Echo Chernik. Which was totally awesome, because Echo is really cool and gave us a free copy of her book (Echo A La Mode), but seeing her work made me realize: we’re not Adobe black belts! Hell, we haven’t even entered the fuck’n dojo yet.

Echo Chernik is a very talented artist who has worked for White Wolf, and Shadowrun RPG’s.Print I mean, she’s done way more that that, but this is geek website. ‘just finding some common ground. Anyways, Echo A La Mode is a portfolio book that shows off her highly detailed art nouveau styled illustrations which includes commissions and personal work. There’s also a great section at the back of the book where she describes her process from hiring models, to sketching, to laying down the vector work that makes her art look incredible. What was really cool was seeing the insane amount of detail Echo puts into each finished piece. Most of the time when I work in Adobe Illustrator, I work with (maybe) eight layer; Echo can use hundreds – if not all the available layers. Yeah. According to her, there is a limit to layers you can add to an Illustrator file, and she’s found it. Rad.

Currently Echo has a Kickstarter going for a series of Color Your Own Tarot Cards. She had another Kickstarter for art prints,37fcb95f91d6047aaedfa38ccc10fc49_original but it ended while I was driving back from Salem (16 hours! We stopped in Springfield…). D’oh. Currently you can find a copy of Echo A La Mode on her website. I highly recommend this book for would be vector artist, or any one that likes of combination of beautiful women, pastries, and tentacles. Okay, there’s way more in there than that, I really liked the Shadowrun stuff at the end, but check out a few sample images of her work below, but hit the links above to see way more! Also, we’ll have a short interview with Echo on the upcoming Moocast (#116)… when I get it done. Soon! She’s pretty awesome.


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