New Kickstarter for a Cool Comic!

Kaz, a socially awkward Brooklynite, is cast into an alternate world and must confront battling kings to save his wife and return home.

Okay El Moochadores, time to turn our collective attentions to this great looking Kickstarter for a new indie comic called The Foreigner, Volume One. Written and illustrated by published author, Kensuke Okabayashi, this futuristic fantasy takes an normal guy (Kaz) into an alternate world chuck full of killer robots,1778fbc00dd81659b521e28d8927ae2e_original zombies, and warring royals! Sounds pretty cool, right? Check out the synopsis below:

A once peaceful but now war-torn world, Ravenika is an alternate universe ripped apart by three brother kings battling for each other’s land, riches, and power. In an attempt to save his abducted wife, Kaz, a socially dysfunctional Brooklynite, is mysteriously transported to this desolate and dangerous world where he must restore peace among these familial foes if he ever hopes to return home.

This was a great read! I received a digital version of issue #1, along with a press package (*press packages are awesome and I wish more indie comic artists would put them together when trying to promote their work*), and I enjoyed the story along with Okabayashi’s talented art style. It’s easy to see all of Okabayashi’s professional talent in full swing here and I was kind of surprised to read that this was his first Kickstarter. Though definitely not a Manga, the comic does carry some of that vibe – especially when the killer robots show up. There were a lot of questions with the first issue (like why the abducted wife of an office worker), but I trust that Okabayashi will reveal all as future issues are produced.

I’ve posted a few sample pages below, but remember, the comic book is looking for funding. So go check out the Kickstarter page and give it some support. You can also learn about rewards for contributing there, one of which looks like a 3D custom model.


Sample_a Sample_b Sample_c Sample_3 Sample_2 Sample_1

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