An Atomic Moo Comic Book Review

Okay, El Moochadores, I know WonderCon is well into the past, but I still got a stack of really great stuff from the con that I want to post about. So, let’s do that…

A few weeks back I posted about one of three graphic novels (East of West) that I picked up at the Image booth. Since then, I have had a chance to read the other two graphic novels and… Wow. What the hell happened to Image? For years I thought of them as the lesser end of the major comic book publishers triangle, but holy shit are they making some great comics now! So, tonight I’m going to be very enthusiastically reviewing my copy of Black Science!

Well, “review” is kind of a stretch. It’s more like me telling any of our blog readers, this book is awesome and they need to buy it. Here’s why: Like East of West, Black Science takes comic book fans somewhere else. In the story sense, almost literally. The story, by Rick Remender (writer), and Matteo Scalera and Dean White (artist),RightImage is almost like a better version of Lost in Space. Scientist Grant McKay has invented “the Pillar”, a breakthrough device that transports people to other (infinite) realities. Of course, there’s a screw up and now McKay and his team are lost in the “Eververse” (I love that term), searching for a way home.

From the very first page this book has a pulse. It’s action packed and plays hard with a part of theoretical physics I’ve always loved. I think its also great that I read this comic at just about the same time I discovered Rick and Morty. Not that the two have anything in common (Rick and Morty can get way darker…), but this brand of weird science is made all the better by some incredible art work and interesting twist on the “what if” of pan-dimensional America. Also, and I don’t know if this is the best time to bring this up, but every graphic novel I got was priced at just $10.00 ($8.00 for the digital version). These are awesome comic books priced way better then anything being put out by Marvel and DC. When did Image get this good!?

Anyways, if you’re interested in a unique read I highly recommend Black Science. It’s a chance to get away from the normal comic book stories about mutant guys and gals in yellow spandex and enjoy some fantastic science fiction!

Check out a few sample pages below along with the official synopsis (way better than mine), then wander on down to your local book or comic book store and pick up a copy for yourself.

Science bitches!

Anarchist scientist Grant McKay has done the impossible! Using the Pillar, he has punched a hole through the barriers between dimensions, allowing travel to all possible universes. But now Grant and his team are trapped in the folds of infinity, the Pillar sending them careening through a million universes of unimaginable adventure, sanity-flaying danger and no way home… – See more at:

PageSample SamplePage2 SamplePage3

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