Murray Brothers Creative Update!


More Art Added to the Online Store!

Okay El Moochadores, I just finished updating the Murray Brothers Creative online store with more of our illustrations. So far every piece we’ve done is vector art created in Adobe Illustrator. Every illustration we sell is a high quality print created on 60 lb stock. The illustrations I just posted are:

Out of all these prints that we made, my favorite has to be Robot Gorilla. I loved doing the vector work to create the robot gorilla, and it was really cool watching Jason work his design magic to make a fake ad. Unfortunately, Robot Gorilla was also our most frustrating print. At the one convention we’ve been to so far (Cherry City Comic Con 2016!) everyone I showed the print gave an impassive, “I don’t get it,” response. What the hell’s not to get!? It’s a frigg’n Robot Gorilla… ad! It’s funny and it’ll look great on your office wall! Okay, I’m still a little upset about that. Calm blue oceans… calm blue oceans…

Anyways, check out the E.A. Poe Cutout mask above, and Robot Gorilla to the right and the other prints are shown below. Also, I want to point out: I did most of the work on the Witch Mouse. I know I sound petty, but Jason will try and take all the credit for it. Okay, now that I typed that out, it doesn’t seem as important, and a little shallow… but dammit, its still important!

Robot Gorilla!!!

Witch_Mouse_5x7_v2 Voodoo_Doll_Two_5x7 Voodoo_Doll_One_5x7 Space_Girl_8.5x11

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  1. Yeah, I showed it to somebody and she didn’t get it either. Sometimes genius goes unrecognized. Gotta deal.

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