The Atomic Moocast #116!


Cherry City Comic Con 2016!

Wow. This was a tough one. The gods that live in my head were really working against me when putting the new episode together, but for better or worst (probably worst…): It’s here! It’s weird how one event can change things. Salem’s Cherry City Comic ConCCCC2016 was our first time attending a comic book convention as vendors and it was pretty damn groovy. I think we’re addicted. Since the con we’ve established Murray Brothers Creative, where we are selling our art online. I’ve also started the set up work for my own web comic (Coming Soon!), and Jason and I have booked more cons! Feel’s kind of great. Also, CCCC 2016 was a cool road trip and much needed vacation to see an old friend.

Anyways, on this episode I have a small sample of some to the interviews I gathered from the convention.IMG_0223 I didn’t post every interview because it was taking too long to get the show done, but I might include some of the other audio in near-future episodes. Many thanks to everyone who talked with us, and I’m including links to the different artists, cosplayers, and whatever else, we talked to here in the show notes. I also posted a small sample of our photos from the convention below. I have more to post, I just need to get them from Jason’s iPhone.

So here we go folks. My Sisyphus like attempts to stay on top of this website all boiled down into one hour (almost) of low budget audio excellence! Now’s the time to gather up an ample collection of salty snacks and fizzy beverages, then settle in a to a comfy chair as you hit play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about! Now, I need a nap.


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Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party
  • Fast Talkin

Show Notes, Links, and Photos

IMG_0257 IMG_0256 IMG_0251 IMG_0248 IMG_0246 IMG_0238 IMG_0236 IMG_0230 IMG_0226 IMG_0225 IMG_0218


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  1. Good show, but what’s the hour of silence at the end for?

    Also, I wasn’t able to find your tumblr.

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