The Not So Golden Age


New Comic Book by Phil Buck and Joseph Freistuhler!

It’s weird that I should get to review this comic at this particular point in time in my life. I’m getting old. I’m not “old”, but I am turning forty this summer and it’s starting to bug me. Yeah, if you read my blog, I tend to bitch about this a lot, but that’s only because growing old really sucks! For example; today my eye doctor recommended I get bifocals. WTFuck!? Also, I’m seeing a lot of gray hair on the side of my head, and on… other parts. That one’s got me pretty bummed out actually. Also, also,RightSamp I now have strong opinions about our next president, the state of social security, and how shitty the millennials generation is. When the fuck did any of that happen!? Then I get a copy of The Not So Golden Age, and now I’m thinking: Getting old wouldn’t be so bad, if I was a super hero!

Okay, so I went around the block a few times to lead into this review of Phil Buck and Joseph Freistuhler’s (listen to Atomic Moocast #70!) fantastic new comic book: The Not So Golden Age (NSGA). Published by Ugli Studios, NSGA it “The epic tale of a bunch of washed up, dysfunctional superheroes living in a trailer park.” Not just any trailer park, but one just outside of Reno, Nevada. The shame.

This is one of the best independent comics I’ve read this year. NSGA has Incredible art work paired with witty writing, but I think this book also stands out because Buck and Freistuhler used actual comic characters who are now in the public domain. Characters like Blue Bolt actually had a comic book back in the 1940’sad (100 + issues according to Wikipedia). However, in NSGA, Blue Bolt just works hard to get along with characters like the beer chugging Deathless Brain and Crimebuster from the Rage Against the Machine: Evil Empire album cover. The creators also added some very cool design elements to their book. The comic book pages actually look like they have yellowed with age, and readers will get to see a very cool page of fake “mail order” items. If I could, I would totally order the “Nuclear Fun Rock.”

NSGA finished a successful Kickstarter and so now the book is ready for purchase. I’ve posted a couple of sample pages below, but visit the NSGA website to preview the book and get a copy for yourself. Totally worth it!

PageSamp PageSamp2

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  1. Farnsworth: But I like being old. I don’t have to talk to my parents. No-one asks me to move their stuff. I don’t need to understand today’s edgy TV sitcoms.

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