Best Comic Strip That Never Happened!

An Atomic Moo Book Review!

Okay El Moochadores, we’re back from Power-Con 2016 and now we need get this blog rolling again! Wait, do blogs roll? eh… what ever.

A couple of weeks back I received a copy of Goldtiger, and (without a doubt) this is one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read. Written by Guy Adams and illustrated by Jimmy Broxton, Goldtiger chronicles the history of a fictional comic strip (most popular in Malta!) about swinging 60’s fashion designers turned secret agent adventurers! The strip features (featured?) Lily Gold and Jack Tiger, homosexual Londoners who’s adventures take them up against a yacht stealing monster in their debut story line: the Poseidon Complex.gt3-600x8721

If they had just done a whole comic strip like this, that alone would have been incredible, but in, out, and surrounding the strips, is this wonderful story of the comics creators, Louis Schaeffer and Antonio Barreti. They don’t get along. Their sometimes contentious relationship (often explained through letters, interviews, and even sketches) results in some incredible humor which, at one point, leads to Barreti referring to Schaeffer as a “cross-eyed pedarast.” From there, Barreti only ever refers to Schaeffer as “writer” and only occasionally uses his submitted scripts.

Goldtiger is one of those books you’re going to go back to for its wonderful art, humor, design, and sheer creativity. It is very easy to get lost in this book and forget that Barreti and Schaeffer never existed. I think a lot of credit goes to Adams and Broxton for crafting a unique way to tell a story, which they pulled off wonderfully! They created this really unique reality that is somehow believable. Readers and comic fans will both want this book in their collections!

I’ve posted a few images from an online search below (I really need a new scanner!), but hit the links above to get you’re own copy! Also, listen to our interview with Adams and Broxton on Atomic Moocast #50! A long time ago…





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