Gigahoes: Season 2!


Crowd Funding Launch!

A little over a year ago we posted about a funny new webseries, Gigahoes, created by Adam Lash and Kevin Gilligan. I’m still of the opinion that, as a society, we’re failing ourselves by not having sex-bots. Seriously! We got cars that drive themselves! We got the Musk “zip tube” all planned to hurl people across the state of California! We got scientist counting all the little “higgs boson” particles! All this wonderful innovation and I still can’t cash my change jar in on 15 minutes with a discreet, and compliant, sex bot!? WTF humans!?

Anyways, Gigahoes is back with a season 2! Well,image_01 they will be back with a season 2 if we can help get them get their funding. Recently the crowd funding campaign for Gigahoes Season 2! Here’s the pitch:

Two years ago we turned to Kickstarter to help get our show off the ground. We shot with a shoestring budget and were able to pull it off, but just barely. Now we want to make this show bigger and better. Something worthy of your time and donations.

In season 2 everything is going to be better. Better sets, costumes, special effects, locations, production value. But we can only do that with your help.

Shooting in NYC is tremendously expensive. We do the best we can to cut costs, but we insist on paying our amazing cast and crew. It takes a lot of time, equipment, people and money to make our show look good. So, we are asking for a lot of money from you. We need as many people to give as possible.

As of this post there’s over 50 days left in the campaign, however; don’t delay! Get in now and help support the new season and get some rewards for your contributions. Below I’ve posted the Kickstarter promo video and episode one for season one. Check it out. Love it, and support the idea of sex bots. Sweet sex bots in the now…


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  1. Not sold on the title.

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