Nicole Brune’s Kickstarter for a New Tinkerbell Series!

One or our Brethren Moo, pin-up artist Nicole Brune, has a Kickstarter going to help fund the first painting in her new series of Tinkerbellart. Visions of TinkerbellConcept will start with a 20″ x 30″ oil painting that she’ll be showing at this years San Diego Comic Con. Modeling for the paintings is the beautiful Emily Addison. Backers of this project will get an exclusive view on it’s production as well as a bunch of rewards. As of this post there’s only 12 Days left to contribute, so hit the link above and help out. I’ve posted the Kickstarter promo video below, but also check out some of our many interviews with Nicole on the Moocast! She’s geeky cute.


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