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Kickstarter for the best of Piper Thibodeau’s daily paintings!

Piper Thibodeau is professional illustrator and character designer from Canada. I’ve followed her Daily Paintings on the Deviant Art forkickstarter_for_daily_paintings_now_live__by_cryptid_creations-da7ggpz a few years now and she has an incredible amount of talent. She’s now putting together a single volume of work that’ll be funded with a Kickstarter. The characters she creates are a lot of fun and I think it’s incredible that she’s done one a day for four years! According to her kickstarter the hard cover book with about 140 pages of some of her best characters. The book will also include a few exclusive characters.

Check out a few sample images below, but make sure to hit the link above to read more about the project and possible rewards for contributing. Also, visit Piper’s website to see more of her portfolio.


daily_paint_1311__pure_bread_by_cryptid_creations-da7j7md daily_paint_1310__prickly_bear_by_cryptid_creations-da7epku daily_1316__bulbasaur__ivysaur__venusaur_by_cryptid_creations-da85n3i

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