New Kickstarter from Kid Comics

Okay El Moochadores, today I’ve got a fun new comic book to share with you. Well, a Kickstarter for a fun new comic book. From Kid Comics and creator Keithan Jones check out The Power Knights: Unbounded! The story is about two brothers who meet six other worldly warriors, each with a unique power. According to the kickstarter page,Cover this comic is actually based on a comic book Jones had wanted to create when he was eleven years old. I like the follow through gumption, and from what I’ve seen on the KS page this book kind of has a cool 1980’s/ 1990’s “power team” vibe. Think: “Thundercats”, or “Silverhawks”, or even “Bionic Six!” Remember Bionic Six? Nobody ever remembers that one.

Anyways, The comic has some incredible illustrative talent behind it and indie comic lovers will want check it out. I’ve posted a few of the sample pages below along with the Kickstarter promo video and a complete (official) synopsis. As of today the Kickstarter has a little less than two weeks left, so if you’re interested in helping out, click the link above and check out the rewards for donating. You know, I think I still remember the Bionic Six theme song. Shit, now that’s gonna be stuck in my head all day…


…two brothers, Kandle and Davion Watson, and how their lives were completely upended by their encounter with six uniquely powered warriors, Metal Star, Bluzara, Dragon Blaze, Camouflage, Princess Raxi and Warseed. These extraterrestrial warriors were sent into a blackhole, to die for war crimes they committed against their will. Yet, they inexplicably survive, and crash land on Earth. To avoid detection from mankind, some assimilate into society, while others live reclusively in the shadows. Warseed however, scoffs at taking a backseat to the weaker human race. He desires to take command of his own destiny by transforming humans into a powerful hybrid army to take control of Earth. Davion Watson, mourning the loss of his father to an incurable disease, is seduced by Warseed’s promise of a new world, where disease and suffering are eliminated through science. Inedibly, Warseed soon discovers, mankind is not so easily tamed, as he is ultimately betrayed by Davion.

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