A guy in London who has an acid green A-bomb for a Head…

Okay El Moochadores, SDCC 2016 is now a week past, and I finally have time to start digging through my “con pile.” Y’know, that ever growing pile of comics, business cards, promo cards, stickers, and other promotional swag that I absorb while wandering the many rows of indie artist. Well, this time I’m going to beat the pile. I know I am. So, to kick things off and get in the swing of things lets start with a favorite!

While at the con I picked up the 3rd issue of Warhead by the talented Katrina Kunstmann (Moocast #82!). WarheadStickerNow, Katrina is way past issue #3, but I’m not, and it was really cool getting back into the world of a man – with an atom bomb for a head – who is all love sick for a giant (yet cute) bunny. Also, many thanks to Katrina for the Warhead stickers! My sketch books are going to be looking much slicker from here on out! Anyways, I’ve got a few iPhone photos of the book below, but they kind of suck for reference so go to store and get a copy for yourself and show some support for indie comics!


samplepage samplepage2 samplepage3

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