More Great Stuff from the Con Pile!

Okay El Moochadores, I got a day off and a little time to relax with my good buddy; the con pile. Yeah, that growing mound of cards, comics, prints, buttons, and whatever else falls into my SWAG bag as I meander the isles of California’s best comic conventions. However, tragedy struck the con pile recently. Well, “tragedy” being my tumbling, 210 lb, body as I tripped over the vacuum cord while trying to clean my room. To be honest, the pile kind of saved me, but at it’s own expense. You see, previous to this the con pile was a form of strata built up from all the various conventions, now it’s a mingled mess of motley promotional muck. Weird thing is, when I was picking it all up, I actually found a bone in the pile! I shit you not, a bone! At first,tumblr_mw6ywsqsYg1qi2w7yo1_1280 I thought it was fossil, but nah… chicken bone. I gotta clean more.

Anyways… Straight from the con pile is a post about an artist who I know I met at SDCC 2016, because I bought one of his prints! Today we’re taking a look at the amazing talent of Erwin Haya (aka: IAMOSi. Haya is a Bay area based artist/illustrator and I think I remember him telling us some of his work was vector based art. I think. I could be wrong, but if so; this is incredible, and done at a level I’d like to see my own vector art achieve some day. You can also see a bunch of his pen and marker work on his website, which is equally impressive. His work has this sort of cool, urban life, vibe that explodes in only a few colors. Yeah, I’m happy with my print.

I’ve posted a few samples of his work below, but Iamosi has an online store where you can go an buy some of his art and show some support.


Untitled-08-01 Ride-01 arcade-01

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