Robotech II Motion Comic Test!


Hey El Moochadores, you may have noticed a bit of a problem with the site today. Turns out ol’Chudd forgot to pay the bill to keep the lights on around here. Anyways, the site is back up and we even just finished recording a really cool interview with Kyle Roberts! Also, I know I promised to get a post on every day, but I really didn’t count on Chudd not paying the fucking bills! C’mon universe! Work with me!

I recently came across this great motion adaptation of Eternity (which I think later became Malibu… I think) comics run of Robotech II, and I thought it was pretty great. invidwar1I pretty much love all things Robotech (with the exception of Harmony Gold’s last few attempts to do anything with the franchise), and I’m hoping somebody gets their shit together and puts out a graphic novel of Bill Spangler’s fantastic work on the series. In fact, I’m really hoping that who ever is responsible for this puts together a motion series based on Invid War (early 1990’s), probably my all time favorite comic series (yeah, even a little bit more than Saga) ever! Anyways, check out the comic below, and I hope my fellow Robotech fans will enjoy it as much as I did!


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  1. Harmony Gold is the devil.

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