We’re not dead yet!

Yeah; ‘been awhile, right? This last month has been a little rough on the old brothers moo, hence the lack of posts, moocasts, and anything else. As unlikely as it may have seemed, both Chudd and I had some pretty bad medical issues this last month (trips to the hospital included), and so every thing else had to be put on the back burner. Good news is, we’re both feeling better. Significantly better. So, I am going to start posting again about all the really cool geek creative stuff we’re doing and the things other geeks are making, but it’s going to take a bit to get back up to speed. Also, if ever there was a time to buy a print from the Murray Bros. Creative web store… yeah, this would be it. Turns out health care in the US is kind of brutal on the wallet and so we’re going to have to putting in a lot of extra hours at work to make up some debt. Anyways, cheap plug aside, we are doing much better and hopefully we can get back into a steady rhythm of news, posts, and podcasts as 2017 rolls around. So, if you’re a creative out there and you have art, music, or videos you want us to share, keep sending it. We’re still here.


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